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brunette_20in20's Journal

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20 icons in 20 days of your favourite brunettes
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Hi everyone! Welcome to brunette_20in20, a 20 in 20 icon-making competition dedicated to all brunette actors, musicians, celebs, and models! Inspired by all the other 20in20 comms out there.

This comm is created and run by myneonhearts and mizunfortunate

There will be 10 themes, a category with 5 icons and an artist's choice with 5 icons for each round. The category will focus on one common idea and the artist's choice will be icons you make with your own free will. All 20 icons must be made in a time-span of 20 days. Voting will commence after and followed by the announcement of winners for each category.

-Sign up with a single person/celeb for each round with a second choice (just in case). The same celebrity may not be chosen for two rounds in a row.

-Your chosen subject MUST be a brunette, or was a brunette before (just make sure they are brunette in your icon set). Any shade of brown/black will be accepted. Red-heads and blondes will not be accepted.

-You must be a member of the community to participate.

-All icons must be made specifically for that particular round. No prior work may be submitted.

-All icons must fit LJ standards, no animation. Try to keep cursing/swearing to a minimum, minor language is okay. Please state if your icons have cursing outside your cut. No nudity will be allowed.

-If you choose to post your icons to your own community/journal, please make sure the entry is not locked so we do not have to friend you to view your work.

-Post only THREE teaser icons and the direct link to your set of icons if it is posted with something else in your entry.

-Make sure you have finished all your icons before posting. Any icons posted after the dead-line will not be accepted.

-All entries are moderated.

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